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Welcome to Horticulture Enterprises and Research Centre (HERC)

Horticulture Enterprises and Research Center (HERC) is a private company legally registered in office of the company registrar, ministry of industry, government of Nepal HERC has been established with a mission of the process of agriculture development as well as promotion of agro-based enterprises and marketing. Realizing that farmer's problems can be identified and effectively solved in the farm itself with the participation of farmers, HERC has been shaped with more focused mission and vision and its taking a role presenting in the field of research, development, training and Agribusiness development in Nepal.


The vision of Horticulture Enterprises and Research Center (HERC) is to be a strong, completive and sustainable private sector led agro base enterprise and research sector of contributing economic growth and poverty reduction.


“To expand and strengthen scientific market oriented private sector drive agro enterprises in order to value and volume of highly value products”.